We have made linkware background sets for you that we hope you
will find useful and enjoyable. You may change these sets in whatever way
you wish in order to make them what YOU want them to be. You may
change backgrounds, colors, or any graphic to suit yourself. We will not
limit your creativity.

Please do not copy the designs on this page, as we made them
exclusively for our site's homepage.

We do ask that you keep our link back to our site so that others can
find us. If you have questions or comments, you may write to either of us at
the following addresses:

Susie Dunn - salad@q.com
Saralyn Smith - saralyn@cox.net

If you use one of our sets, we would love to see it!
Write and give us your URL, and we will visit.

Susie has made many new sets for you;
to see these lovely sets, click ::HERE::

We have added side-border designs now, our second page of designs,
which you can view ::HERE::






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