Sandcastles and Seashells

Sandcastles and seashells
Bring memories sweet
Of summers and beaches
Where families meet.

Young babies wear sunhats
And dig in the sand,
While Mommies bare midriffs
And try for a tan.

The children build castles,
With turrets and moats,
And everyone goes for a ride
On the floats.

Young teenagers stroll by
To see and be seen,
And every boy searches
For his beauty queen.

We jump in the waves and
We play volleyball,
But a rainstorm will send us
Off to the mall.

In the evening we play games,
Especially Hearts,
Or Trivial Pursuit, to show
Who is smart.

Some greet the sunrise and
Go for a walk,
While others sleep late, have
Coffee, and talk.

After supper each evening,
We all like to rove,
When the sand and the sea are all
Silver and mauve.

We wade in the waves as they
Break on the shore,
And know that our memories
Will last evermore.

By Saralyn McAfee Smith

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