At Close of Day

At close of day, I think of you,
Just as I think of you each morn,
Just as I've thought of you, my child,
Every day since you were born.

And even though you're gone from me,
Taken far beyond my sight,
I never cease to think of you,
Whether it be day or night.

From your birth, you were my star,
Guiding me through every day.
When first you left me, I was lost,
For I could not find my way.

But soon I learned to trust my faith,
For Christ walks with me every day,
And I know that you're with Him;
Together, you will show the way.

And, so, at close of every day,
I offer up my songs of praise,
That someday I will join you both,
And on your faces I will gaze.

Saralyn McAfee Smith, 2010

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